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5 Reasons A Life Coach Could Help You

A life coach can offer a variety of alternative “counselling” and guidance services such as coping with lose, financial issues, family problems and stress management. These are mostly short term personal and emotional problems that do not require the use of medication or medical supervision.

Life coaching help you to solve personal issues on your own through personal observation, self confidence building, goal setting and relaxation techniques.

You do not need to be experiencing problems to seek the assistance of a life coach, they can help improve your life in many ways. In fact, most successful people utilize the services of a life coach to help them maintain a balanced lifestyle.

5 Reasons You Could Use A Life Coach

Stress Reduction

Stress is the underlining cause of many health related issues including; diabetes, depression and heart attack. The inability to lower stress in your life can lead to serious complications in these and other health related conditions. In some rare cases, excessive stress can lead to death. Life coaches help alleviate stress in your life through relaxation and massage sessions designed specifically for this purpose. Reducing stress helps lower your risks of obtaining a serious medical condition, it helps you to sleep better and in turn provides you with more energy to cope with daily life.

“Prevention is worth an ounce of cure,” it has often been said.

 Life CoachSelf Improvement

Life coaches work with you to build your self confidence through a series of self growth and development techniques designed to improve the quality of your overall life. They will help you to recognize personal issues you may have and develop better ways of working and coping with them. Acceptance is the first step in healing.


Humans are basically social creatures. Having a friend or someone to listen is imperative to our health and well being. This is especially true in the case of a recent lose or death of a loved one. It is during times like these that we need someone the most.

What if you did not have anyone left to talk to? You would become withdrawn, sad and lonely. Sadness can lead to serious mental health issues. Life coaches help simply by being there to listen and talk.

Positive Attitude

It is a well documented fact that positive people are more successful in their finances, careers and romance. Life coaches help you determine the factors in your life that create negativity and work on ways to rid your life of these.


Any measures that you take in life to improve your health, reduce stress and create a more positive outlook will benefit you. Often the only thing anyone truly lacks is the motivation to start and to continue along the right path. A life coach can help to motivate you and guide you in the right direction so that you will succeed in your efforts and your goals.

Weight Loss

When you work with one of our life coaches and find your true triggers, it will aid in your weight loss because you won’t have those triggers as excuses anymore. You will understand what is going on with you and how to control it going forward.

What is the reason a life coach helps you? Simply, being there when you need them. Contact us at (727) 282-5577  if you want to get connected with a life coach today!

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Need A Personal Trainer Palm Harbor: Must Knows!

Hiring a Personal Trainer Palm Harbor?

The first time hiring a personal trainer Palm Harbor can be somewhat unnerving and stressful if you are not prepared for what might happen. For some unknown reason, many people have an unrealistic fear that personal training will be an unpleasant experience. You do not need to worry, in fact, reducing stress and making you feel comfortable is one of the first things your personal trainer will attempt to accomplish. Remember, they know exactly how you feel as most have been where you are now.

During the first few sessions, the personal trainer only wants to asses your current lifestyle and health situation.

They will use the data they collect to build a personal training plan designed specifically for your needs.

For example; if you experience pain your trainer should check your history for injuries. They should not push you through pain without knowledge of your history. They need to assess your individual needs. Remember they are your “personal” trainer so they need to know  you personally.  That is how they develop specific programs based on individual situation.

If you want to succeed in losing weight and living a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, you will have to put your fears aside, get the facts and be completely honest with yourself and your personal trainer Palm Harbor.  The more you tell them, the better equipped they will be to assess your situation and create a personal training plan that works for you.

Getting Started with personal training Palm Harbor for the first time involves these three steps:

personal trainer Palm Harbor1. Filling out a health and fitness questionnaire.

This will involve having you answer a simple questionnaire, survey or form. On this questionnaire, will be questions concerning your current mental state, diet and exercise regime, any medical or health problems you are experiencing and any personal goals you wish to meet.  Be as honest and specific as you can when filling out the form, the more details the trainer has the better.

2. Physical assessment.

Your personal trainer will most likely have you preform a small physical assessment test, take your weight, body measurements and discuss any allergies to foods you may have.

These physical tests involve something similar to, sitting on the floor with your legs straight in front while reaching for your toes, push-ups, jumping jacks, and a simple cardiac test which measures your resting heart-rate, as well as, a 5 minute step exercise designed to measure your moving heart rate. While there is some exercise involved in the first session, it is merely to judge your current physical condition.

Do not be afraid, you won’t have to run ten miles on the first day!

3. Goal assessment.

The personal trainer Palm Harbor will use the first few sessions to develop personal goals with you. Personal fitness goals are designed to motivate you and to provide you with metrics in order to measure your personal training success.

This is basically what to expect when starting with a personal trainer Palm Harbor, it does not sound so bad, does it?

Personal training is not only about diet and exercise, it is about helping you to have a more positive outlook, improving your self confidence and getting rid of negative fears that hold you back from achieving dieting success. It begins with the first few sessions and knowing what to expect.

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