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Palm Harbor Personal Trainer Eric Mabie shares cure to sleeplessness

It has been over a year since I’ve been able to go to sleep and stay a sleep. Generally to get to sleep I had to watch TV until I fell asleep, but then I’d wake up after just 2 or 3 hours. Then I’d turn the TV back on and start the process all over Palm Harbor Personal Trainer Sleep Cureagain. I was only getting about 4 to 5 hours of sleep a night. Since I had started working with my Palm Harbor personal trainer, Eric I told him about it and that I felt trapped in a vicious cycle.  I just did not have the energy that I used to have due to my lack of sleep.

After explain it to my personal trainer Eric I was shocked at his suggested solution.   But before giving me his suggestion he again asked if I was willing to do what it took to fix the problem.  I assured him that if he had the solution I would follow his suggestion, after all I was paying a personal trainer for his knowledge and I really am tired (no pun intended) of not sleeping.

First he asked if I was willing to read instead of watching the TV. No surprise there. Then he asked if I was willing to not watch TV to fall asleep.  I told him I doubted that I could fall asleep without it but that I would try. That is when he gave me the shocker. He told me to remove the TV from my bedroom.  Yikes!!  That felt like I was being sentenced to sleepless nights of staring at the ceiling.  But I had agreed to follow his suggestion so out would go the TV.  I went straight out and bought a book to read, I knew I would need it. My friend helped me remove the TV that day from my bedroom.

That has been a couple of weeks ago and I can tell you that I’m going to sleep and most nights I’m staying a sleep for most of the night. It is a big improvement.  Eric assures me that it will even get better.

Personal Trainer Sleep Cure


Who would have ever guessed that their personal trainer would coach them on lifestyle habits?  I came here to lose
weight and get into shape but I’m getting way more than just that.  Exercise, nutrition, and now sleep, the quality of my life is getting better from working with Eric.  I tell all my friends about Eric and suggest that they make him their Palm Harbor personal trainer.

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Building My Core Without Sit Ups! |Palm Harbor Personal Trainer Gym

We’ve all heard that if you want tight abs or that six pack abs you must to sit ups, right.  That is not what I heard fromPalm Harbor Personal Trainer Gym Eric, my personal trainer and health coach.  When he said we were going to start with my core I was shocked when he pulled out a blood pressure cup and said to lay on it.

The goal is to lie on the floor with the cup under the small of my back, knees bent, feet on the floor as if I was going to do a crunch. I’m to contract my ab muscles and keep the small of my back pressed into the cup while I lift one foot at a time off the floor. I’m to do this for 10-20 times, alternating my feet. Here’s what I’m hearing from Eric as I do it, ‘draw lift tilt, draw lift tilt”. Draw in my abs, lift my foot while I tilt my hips back to keep my lower back pressed into the cup to keep the needle at 100.

After I got the hang of it, it was pretty easy.  I didn’t really see how this was going to do anything.  Wow, was I wrong.  Two days later and my abs are still sore!!  We only spent about 5 or 6 minutes on that exercise, but I’m as sore as I have been from doing 50 crunches (when and if I could do that many).

I’m starting to see why his method  are so different from other Palm Harbor personal trainers.  In addition to those core exercises I did several balance exercises. Balance used to be something I was really good at, but now it’s a challenge.  I’m not sure it I’ve lost it or if Eric’s approach is so much harder. Either way, I’m sure this is very good for me.  I’m getting excited for what he will have me do next.

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How a Personal Trainer Palm Harbor Can Help You With Your Diet

Dieting is more than just losing weight, it is about committing to a healthy lifestyle. Dieting is  word that could make you overweight because you are choosing to diet, instead of change your habits completely going forward. Making drastic lifestyle changes on your own, will result in an unsuccessful attempt to adjust to healthy eating habits. When you get with a personal trainer Palm Harbor, he or she can help you develop a healthier diet.

Healthy Diet Tips From A Personal Trainer

Food diary

 Personal Trainer Palm HarborOur personal trainer Palm Harbor will help you with making healthy lifestyle changes by discussing a few key factors with you. First, your personal trainer Palm Harbor, will most likely recommend you keep a food diary. A food diary is a journal that you use to record what you have eaten throughout the day. It is best for you to record what you eat as or immediately after eating it, instead of waiting until the end of the day.

If you decide to wait until the very end of the day to record what you have eaten in your food diary, you are more likely to forget something. While the handful of M&Ms, and can of soda you grabbed as a mid-afternoon snack may not seem like a lot, it does make a difference when it comes to counting calories.

A food diary is also a useful tool for tracking progress. One of our  personal trainers may take a look through your food diary and make suggestions to help you ease into healthier food choices. For example, if you recorded that you eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on white bread, and a bag of potato chips for lunch on Tuesday, your personal trainer Palm Harbor may make a suggestion for you and offer you better alternatives.

Healthy Food Changes

When your personal trainer Palm Harbor discusses a healthy, balanced diet with you, he/she will recommend you consume a variety of foods. We will look at what works for your body and talk to you about how you would be changing your lifestyle and your relationship with food.  Most people are a bit dependent on food and we will address that and teach you how to eat when you’re hungry and what sorts of foods you should be eating.

These are just a few things we go through with you when you use us for personal training.  It is so important to have a whole mind, body and healthy food approach to creating a lifestyle change that will last.

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4 Reasons You Need Personal Training Palm Harbor

Whether you are looking for rapid weight loss or just a healthier lifestyle, personal training Palm Harbor can get you there.  With certified fitness trainers, nutritional education, and different programs to choose from according to your goals, you are set up for success!

4 Reasons Why Personal Training Is For You

  • Custom Programs.  If your goal is to lose weight, than personal training palm harbor’s accelerated weight loss program is your perfect match.  Not only will it help you with weight and fat loss, it will help you establish a healthy lifestyle for years to come.  Accelerated weight loss not your goal?  Then personal training palm harbor’s lifestyle program is.  It will get you on the right track to a long and healthy life through coaching and accountability.
  • Professional Trainers.  With only the best professional trainers, personal training palm harbor gives you the tools you need to reach your goals.  Forget trying to come up with your fitness programs on your own, the professional trainers will work with you to find the best possible routine for you.  We will coach you through thePersonal Training Palm Harbor entire process, encouraging you to keep pushing, and providing an accountability that will ensure your success.  These professional trainers are there to teach you useful techniques to changing your lifestyle for long-lasting results.
  • Nutritional Education.  No exercise regime is complete without a change in diet and creating a lifestyle change. Our personal trainers and coaches will equip you with what you need to complete your healthy lifestyle with healthy food choices.  The trainers will also give you the tools to making long-lasting health changes and set you up with a lifestyle plan made for you!
  • Personal Fitness.  Unlike regular gyms,  we are focused on results. We want to help you maximize weight loss and keep it off. Instead of going to a gym where you can just fade into the background, our coaches puts you first by giving you one-on-one attention and a program customized just for you.

You can reach all of your fitness and health goals with personal training Palm Harbor.  With all the tools that they offer you can become stronger, healthier, and more educated about your health with any of the programs they offer.  All you need to do is schedule your first consultation to start making your personalized lifestyle plan and you will be on your way to a stronger and healthier you.

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How Can A Personal Trainer Palm Harbor Help With Weight Loss?

Are you tired of going through the motions at the gym without any real guidelines of what to do besides yourself?  Do you want to reach your goals quickly while improving your health at the same time?  Then a personal trainer Palm Harbor can help.  With customized programs specifically made for you, you can reach your weight loss goals in no time. Keep reading for three reasons why a personal trainer Palm Harbor can help you.

  • Complete Fitness.  Unlike other programs, a personal trainer Palm Harbor will help you with taking a complete approach to fitness.  With nutrition integrated into your weight resistance and cardio workouts, your body will be getting healthier from the inside out.  This complete approach to your fitness will help you get stronger and reach your goals faster than any other program that doesn’t include all three necessary components of fitness; weight-resistance, cardio, and nutritional education.

  • Personal Trainer Palm HarborPersonal Fitness.  With a personal trainer Palm Harbor, you get one-on-one attention with a professional trainer.  The trainers are focused on your health and your success at reaching your goals.  Forget trying to come up with routines on your own, they will work with you to develop a program custom-made for your ability, your goals, and will encourage you the entire way through.  With a program custom made for you, you are sure to reach your goals faster than you would with a generic program designed for the general public.

  • Educated Fitness. Without proper knowledge of your body, you could hurt yourself while exercising when you’re not under the supervision of a trained professional. Throughout your workouts a personal trainer Palm Harbor, your trainer will educate you about your body giving you the knowledge you need to safely and effectively exercise on your own or with friends.  Knowing and understanding how your body works can help you lose weight faster because you learn the reasons why your bodyy stores excess fat in the first place.

Your wight loss goals are reachable!  All you need to do is take the initiative and call a personal trainer Palm Harbor.  With complete, personal, and educated fitness, there is no room for failure.  With one-on-one attention, there is no room for distractions, just you, your trainer, and your fitness.  With this focused approach you will be given tips and tricks to help you change your habits and you lifestyle for long lasting results.  Your trainer will be there at your side, rooting for you every step of the way toward your fitness goals.


3 Benefits Of A Personal Trainer | Personal Trainer Palm Harbor

When you’re looking to get your ideal body, working with a personal trainer Palm Harbor can give you some of the best results. Whether you are trying to lose weight, or build muscle, a personal trainer is trained and certified to teach you how to achieve your best body through regular exercise and dietary changes. There are a number of benefits to working with a personal trainer, but let’s look specifically at three: customized workouts, accountability, and results.

  • Customized Workouts. Perhaps the biggest draw to working with a personal trainer, customized workouts are designed specifically for your body to give you maximum results. If you are trying to lose weight, and lose the muffin top, you can count on your personal trainer Palm Harbor to design a workout that will target the muffin top and have you shedding pounds. Whatever your fitness goals, your personal trainer will come up with a workout that is designed specifically for you. All bodies are not the same, so one workout doesn’t work for everyone. If you want to see results, you need to choose exercises that will work for your body type. A personal trainer is able to do that.
  •  Personal TrainerAccountability. It’s easy to have great ideas of what we want our bodies to look like, and even come up with a good plan. Where it gets really tricky is on the follow through. No matter how motivated you are, you have probably had those days where you just couldn’t make yourself get up early to workout, or hit the gym on the way home. Thankfully, working with a personal trainer Palm Harbor gives you the accountability to stick with your program. Although you will most likely only meet with your trainer once a week, or even monthly, that session will hold you accountable for working out on the days you don’t meet.
  • Results. You can’t argue with results, and working with a personal trainer Palm Harbor will give you the results you’re looking for. With a customized workout plan and diet tips, your personal trainer will help you get on the road to achieving your fitness goals. Through accountability and smaller goals that you can achieve along the way to your ideal body, you will continue to see results that will keep you motivated until you reach your goal. If you’re looking to lose weight, you will see either a difference in how your clothing fits, or a difference on the scale. Either way, you are encouraged by your results to stick with your personal training program.

If you are looking to achieve fitness goals this year, talk to a personal trainer Palm Harbor. Working with a personal trainer offers you a variety of benefits. Not only will you get customized workouts, accountability, and results, but you can also count on diet tips, resistance training, and invaluable knowledge of how to achieve your fitness goals and be healthy.

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3 Reasons a Fitness Trainer in Palm Harbor Helps You Lose Weight

Why chose a fitness trainer in Palm Harbor?

Are you struggling with weight loss? Working with a fitness trainer in Palm Harbor can be the catalyst you need to help you achieve your weight loss goals. If you live in or around the Palm Harbor area you want your fitness trainer to be close so you don’t waste time traveling, that is a great reason to hire a fitness trainer in Palm Harbor, but there are so many more reasons. Fitness trainers can help with weight loss, building muscle, nutrition, and a host of other areas, but weight loss is a really common issue that fitness trainers work with. There are three reasons that a Palm Harbor fitness trainer can help you lose that stubborn weight: accountability, motivation, and custom designed workouts.

Fitness Trainer in Palm Harbor

Let’s look at each of these a little more in depth.

  • Accountability. One of the hardest things about losing weight is making a plan and sticking to it. Working with a fitness trainer in Palm Harbor ensures that you will workout regularly with your trainer. The regular sessions will also help hold you accountable for working out on the days you don’t meet with your fitness trainer. You will want to see results, and impress your Palm Harbor fitness trainer with your improvement, so that’s a simple way of keeping you accountable and making you want to exercise every day.
  •  Fitness Trainer Palm HarborMotivation. Accountability is important, but sometimes your motivation just completely disappears. If that’s your problem, working with a fitness trainer in Palm Harbor can be the cure. As you work with your trainer, they will learn your goals and what exactly motivates you to achieve them. Fitness trainers in Palm Harbor are well acquainted with lack of motivation, and will have little tips and tricks to help you get back on track and gain some fresh motivation. Is your goal to have a bikini body by summer? Or maybe you want to be able to run a marathon next fall. Whatever your goals, your fitness trainer will find the best ways to encourage and motivate you to stick with your exercise and nutrition program.
  • Custom Designed Workouts. This is perhaps the biggest reason that a fitness trainer in Palm Harbor can help you lose weight. Fitness trainers know how certain exercises affect the body, and can create a custom designed workout to target the areas of your body you want to work on. If you are struggling with weight loss, it might be a simple problem that you’re focusing on crunches, when you should be doing lunges and making a diet change. Whatever the issue is, your fitness trainer will be able to customize a workout, and tweak it as needed to help you achieve your weight loss goals and get that perfect body you’ve been wanting. Custom designed workouts help you lose weight in the right areas, and build muscle where you want it.

If you need to lose weight, consider working with a fitness trainer in Palm Harbor. A fitness trainer can make a huge difference in the results you see by holding you accountable, keeping you motivated, and creating a custom designed workout that targets the areas of your body you want to see improvements in. Through regular cardio exercises, and resistance training, your fitness trainer in Palm Harbor will help you lose weight and feel healthier. Contact us today to find out how we can help you to lose weight!

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Need A Personal Trainer Palm Harbor: Must Knows!

Hiring a Personal Trainer Palm Harbor?

The first time hiring a personal trainer Palm Harbor can be somewhat unnerving and stressful if you are not prepared for what might happen. For some unknown reason, many people have an unrealistic fear that personal training will be an unpleasant experience. You do not need to worry, in fact, reducing stress and making you feel comfortable is one of the first things your personal trainer will attempt to accomplish. Remember, they know exactly how you feel as most have been where you are now.

During the first few sessions, the personal trainer only wants to asses your current lifestyle and health situation.

They will use the data they collect to build a personal training plan designed specifically for your needs.

For example; if you experience pain your trainer should check your history for injuries. They should not push you through pain without knowledge of your history. They need to assess your individual needs. Remember they are your “personal” trainer so they need to know  you personally.  That is how they develop specific programs based on individual situation.

If you want to succeed in losing weight and living a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, you will have to put your fears aside, get the facts and be completely honest with yourself and your personal trainer Palm Harbor.  The more you tell them, the better equipped they will be to assess your situation and create a personal training plan that works for you.

Getting Started with personal training Palm Harbor for the first time involves these three steps:

personal trainer Palm Harbor1. Filling out a health and fitness questionnaire.

This will involve having you answer a simple questionnaire, survey or form. On this questionnaire, will be questions concerning your current mental state, diet and exercise regime, any medical or health problems you are experiencing and any personal goals you wish to meet.  Be as honest and specific as you can when filling out the form, the more details the trainer has the better.

2. Physical assessment.

Your personal trainer will most likely have you preform a small physical assessment test, take your weight, body measurements and discuss any allergies to foods you may have.

These physical tests involve something similar to, sitting on the floor with your legs straight in front while reaching for your toes, push-ups, jumping jacks, and a simple cardiac test which measures your resting heart-rate, as well as, a 5 minute step exercise designed to measure your moving heart rate. While there is some exercise involved in the first session, it is merely to judge your current physical condition.

Do not be afraid, you won’t have to run ten miles on the first day!

3. Goal assessment.

The personal trainer Palm Harbor will use the first few sessions to develop personal goals with you. Personal fitness goals are designed to motivate you and to provide you with metrics in order to measure your personal training success.

This is basically what to expect when starting with a personal trainer Palm Harbor, it does not sound so bad, does it?

Personal training is not only about diet and exercise, it is about helping you to have a more positive outlook, improving your self confidence and getting rid of negative fears that hold you back from achieving dieting success. It begins with the first few sessions and knowing what to expect.

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How Beneficial is Personal Training?

Is personal training actually beneficial for your health, and how beneficial is it really? The answers to these questions somewhat depend on you. Personal training is beneficial to your health, but how beneficial is completely up to you. Any sort of regular exercise and healthy food choices are great for your health. There are a lot of reasons to consider personal training, but you have to make the most of them. Fortunately for you, personal training completely lends itself to helping you want to make the most of the opportunity.

3 Reasons Personal Training Will Work For You

  1. Accountability. Working with one of our personal trainers will keep you accountable. Even if you only meet once a week for personal training, you are motivated to work out on the days in between so that you will see results and impress your trainer with how great you’re doing. Being held accountable for anything is one of the best ways to see results. How hard you work out is up to you, but that session with your trainer will be hard core, so you will want to push yourself on the other days to prepare. Regular working out for your sessions with improve your health.
  1. Personal TrainingKnowledge. The knowledge you can get from personal training is one of the best perks. You will learn how to work out, what moves and exercises will target the areas you want to deal with, the best ways for your body to lose weight, and even diet tips that can improve your overall health. Whether you are looking to lose weight, build muscle, or just stay in shape, personal training can give you the knowledge you need to do it. So, obviously, all the knowledge is beneficial to you, but you have to decide if you’re going to use it.
  1. Money. Fortunately, there is the money aspect which usually pushes you to use that knowledge. Personal training can be very affordable, and it is completely worth the cost. However, the bottom line is that you’re paying for a service. In this economy, paying for something is one of the best ways to motivate yourself to use it. If you are paying for a session, you are motivated to do your absolute best to learn as much as possible, and then use it throughout the week.

How beneficial is personal training for your health? Extremely beneficial. You are being held accountable for regular exercise and healthy food choices, and you are learning how to implement healthy changes in your lifestyle. Paying for the service keeps you motivated to do your best, and that is how you get the results. Personal training is one of the best things you can do for your body and overall health, so don’t put off getting healthy this year. Call your local health club, or look online, for a personal trainer near you and start seeing a healthier, happier you.

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