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Eric Mabie Palm Harbor Personal Trainer Shares Lunge Technic

If you have ever worked out in a gym I’m sure you have done lunges.  When I was  in fairly good condition I could do a 25-30 of these.  You can image my surprise when my Palm Harbor personal trainer Eric, held a pole behind me and said, “ok, do the the lunge, but keep your head, mid back and butt in constant contact with the pole, pull in your abs, and tilt your pelvic under. “

Palm Harbor Personal Trainer Lunge Technic

The purpose of the pole is to keep you from leaning forward, to keep your movement to be up and down without a forward movement.  This makes the lunge way harder because we naturally lean forward. Try it at home with a broom, you’ll see what I mean.

Palm Harbor Personal Trainer LungesSee how straight up and down the model in the picture is. If you add a pole to her back you will see that she is still not 100% upright. She needs to tip her pelvis under. Then everything is in alignment. This will protect your spine and work the correct muscles.

Doing it this new correct way was so much harder, and I could only do about 3 or 4 lunges before my legs turned to rubber.  I was shocked!

I have worked with personal trainers in Palm Harbor and other cities, this was the first time I had seen this Technic.

So why does it matter?  Well as you can guess, it is more beneficial to do 5 correctly than it is to do 10 incorrect. I can attest to the fact that correct is more beneficial.  I’m now up to 10 on each leg and my legs feel like I’ve done way more than 10.  In addition to the benefits of my legs I’m building core strength when I do it correctly, so I get two benefits in one exercise.

I did this leg work out two days ago and today I am stills sore. It works!!

I consider Eric to be the premier Palm Harbor personal trainer, in fact in my opinion he is the premier personal trainer out of all personal trainers that I’ve ever worked with.  Eric is a C.H.E.K. practitioner, which is one of the highest levels of certification that a personal trainer can have.  In addition, Eric is a trainer to many of his fellow personal trainers.



Palm Harbor Personal Trainer Eric Mabie shares cure to sleeplessness

It has been over a year since I’ve been able to go to sleep and stay a sleep. Generally to get to sleep I had to watch TV until I fell asleep, but then I’d wake up after just 2 or 3 hours. Then I’d turn the TV back on and start the process all over Palm Harbor Personal Trainer Sleep Cureagain. I was only getting about 4 to 5 hours of sleep a night. Since I had started working with my Palm Harbor personal trainer, Eric I told him about it and that I felt trapped in a vicious cycle.  I just did not have the energy that I used to have due to my lack of sleep.

After explain it to my personal trainer Eric I was shocked at his suggested solution.   But before giving me his suggestion he again asked if I was willing to do what it took to fix the problem.  I assured him that if he had the solution I would follow his suggestion, after all I was paying a personal trainer for his knowledge and I really am tired (no pun intended) of not sleeping.

First he asked if I was willing to read instead of watching the TV. No surprise there. Then he asked if I was willing to not watch TV to fall asleep.  I told him I doubted that I could fall asleep without it but that I would try. That is when he gave me the shocker. He told me to remove the TV from my bedroom.  Yikes!!  That felt like I was being sentenced to sleepless nights of staring at the ceiling.  But I had agreed to follow his suggestion so out would go the TV.  I went straight out and bought a book to read, I knew I would need it. My friend helped me remove the TV that day from my bedroom.

That has been a couple of weeks ago and I can tell you that I’m going to sleep and most nights I’m staying a sleep for most of the night. It is a big improvement.  Eric assures me that it will even get better.

Personal Trainer Sleep Cure


Who would have ever guessed that their personal trainer would coach them on lifestyle habits?  I came here to lose
weight and get into shape but I’m getting way more than just that.  Exercise, nutrition, and now sleep, the quality of my life is getting better from working with Eric.  I tell all my friends about Eric and suggest that they make him their Palm Harbor personal trainer.

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Can You Workout With An Injury? | Personal Trainer Palm Harbor

babeI have an injury ; can I workout with a personal trainer?  That was the question that I asked Eric Mabie the owner of Bodies By Design Fitness the Palm Harbor personal training center.

I have not worked out for almost six months due to a bicycle crash that really messed up my shoulder, plus I have two compressed disk that cause me a lot of low back and leg pain. Basically, I hurt a lot and so I just stopped working out.  Not working out and eating poorly really didn’t serve me well, I gained at least 10 pounds and my body fat was way up. Not something I was willing to accept.

One day Stacy, my daughter and owner of Healthy Weight Naturally, told me about this new gym that she was working with. She said the personal trainers taught natural, organic eating and that some of the trainers were even C.H.E.K. Certified.  That was a combination that I wanted to know more about.

I met with Eric, the owner, for a consultation.  From the get go I could tell he was not like any personal trainer I had ever met or worked with.   He asked me questions that really caused me to think, like:

“On a scale of 1 – 10 how willing are you to make changes to get the results that you want?”  “What are you not willing to change?” He asked lots of questions and helped me come to honest answers.

During our consultation he took my health history, asked for my medical records regarding my shoulder and spine compression.  Based on that information he designed my exercise program, created a nutritional plan and took my starting measurements.

I’m going to post those measurements here though I’m embarrassed but, you need to know them to see if his personal training program will work.

Beginning weight 129 (I’m 5’5”)
Body fat 26.46% .
That means that  34.13 of the 129 pounds  is fat!!

Eric took a before image, but sorry to say, I’m not brave enough to post it. But I can tell you I have the muffin top going on.

Stay tuned I will post my progress in the coming weeks.

Babe Mooney,

P.S., I’m not telling my age, but since it is relevant I will tell you I’m 50+…


Bodies by Design • 33118 US Hwy 19 N • Palm Harbor, FL 34684 • 727-784-2500