“What do we do that is so different?” DIETS MAKE YOU FAT!


I have devoted my life to helping people turn their lives around
by getting in great shape and staying that way.

I am tired of all the lies and misconceptions about weight loss and exercise programs.

I will help you finally get healthy.

I will set you on the path to permanent weight loss and health.

Let me give you a little peak at what you will learn:

DIETING MAKES YOU FAT.  Do you know how your body really reacts when it is denied the food and fuel it needs to carry out the most basic respiratory, circulatory, endocrine and neurological functions you need to survive?  You’ll be surprised to learn that rather than losing the fat you want to take off, your body actually begins destroying muscle mass. Muscle mass is required to burn fat, and diets destroy it! Plus if you diet long enough you can start to destroy vital organ muscle mass.  Drastic diets can be very harmful to your heart and other organs. We will teach what to eat and you will not go hungry.

We believe that health is an inside job and our clients learn to make small but curtail changes. Our personal trainers guide our clients through lifestyle changing techniques such as healthy eating, proper exercise, stress relief and relaxation. No matter your age, body type or physical abilities, we will customize a fitness and nutritional program that will support your needs.

Your exercise program will start with building a strong foundation with core exercises that have nothing to do with sit ups or crunches. No, to get a strong core we will monitor you with a technique using a blood pressure monitor.  Yep you read it correctly. You need to experience it to truly understand and when you do you will be amazed that you had never seen this before.


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