How Long Will it Take? Lose Weight In 8 Weeks

How Much Weight Do You Want to Lose In 8 Weeks?

No matter your age or fitness level, we have a program for you. You can lose weight in 8 weeks with our Accelerate Fat Loss program which will help you achieve your health and fitness goals in just (8) eight weeks. It is a system that empowers our clients to enhance their body through proper nutrition, exercise, and other lifestyle changing techniques. The entire time you work closely with your personal trainer and as the program changes from one phase to the next your fitness trainer will make sure that you stay on track so you will gain the results and lose the fat that  you want.

work-outThere are no magic pills or get-thin-quick gimmicks, just a realistic, progressive two-month program that focuses on overall wellness. We are a private, one-on-one personal training facility that coaches you to make the right choices for a healthier, more advantageous life. Palm Harbor personal training at it’s best.

At Bodies by Design, you won’t be put on some exercise machines that does not simulate life and how you use your body. We use your own personal body weight, free weights, traditional and non-traditional equipment to strengthen all of your muscle groups and stabilizing tendons and ligaments.

A meticulous fitness training regimen, the Accelerated Fat Loss Program guarantees fast, noticeable and long-lasting fat and weight lose results, such as:

  • Increased metabolism allows you to burn fat and calories, even when you are not working out.
  • Nutrition education that gives you the tools for healthy eating.
  • Strengthen literally hundreds of muscles at a time, instead of isolating one or two, which prepares you for the physical stresses of everyday life.
  • Burn exponentially more calories with our metabolic training techniques.
  • Be at your personal best, inside and out, in just two months.

Don’t think you can do it alone? You don’t have to. Our professional personal training consultants are with you every step of the way. We have some of the most educated and skilled fitness professionals in Palm Harbor.



“Will it work for me?”

I can guarantee that nothing else will help you reach your goals faster than working with our Palm Harbor personal trainers who will coach you and hold you accountable. Our qualified coaches understand your struggles and can help you plan and carry out an effective weight loss and exercise program.  Are you ready for more information?


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