Bodies by Design is an innovative personal training & nutritional coaching company founded, owned, and operated by Eric Mabie. Serving the Tampa Bay, Trinity and surrounding areas, Bodies by Design is a one-on-one private training facility that teaches you lifestyle changing techniques & nutritional coaching guidance that will strengthen your body and transform your life. We have assisted thousands of clients over the years to reach their health and fitness goals. Learn more about the success of our one-on-one customized training program by checking out our client testimonial page.

Bodies by Design focuses on overall wellness, we provide our clients with:

Why not a gym?

We’ve all been there. A crowded gym with long lines and time wasted on ineffective machines. Maybe you’ve worked with a personal trainer, who received his certificate after a three-day training course.

At Bodies by Design we focus on quality, not quantity. We have personal fitness professionals that go through a rigorous six month to one-year training and nutritional coaching education program after they have completed their certification. Our team of expert fitness professionals provides you with the training management, nutrition education, and accountability you need to be successful with your health and fitness goals.

Bodies by Design concentrates on Functional Training. That is, using all muscles of the body during exercise to create an enormous effect on your metabolism and strengthen you from the inside out. When you are sitting on a machine, you are deactivating your stabilizing muscles and only strengthening a small portion of your body. With our program, you are hitting all the stabilizing muscles, tendons and ligaments so the impact on your physical well-being is enormous. This is preparation for real life. You don’t sit and push stuff in real life, you pick up groceries, lift children, chop wood. You are in motion…bending, twisting, squatting, lifting and climbing, not just sitting!Nutritional Coaching Palm Harbor

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Your first consultation is FREE, and we will analyze your case to come up with a special, custom program. Contact us when you are ready to change your life and upgrade your body to a level you never thought possible!

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