What they don’t want you to know.

Diets just don’t work!

But as long as there are unhappy, desperate, overweight people in America, and across the world, they will keep raking in the dough with their worthless, and sometimes dangerous, weight loss plans.

Are you tired of their lies?  I know I am.  They are playing games and growing rich by jeopardizing your health.  I say enough!!!


We don’t offer gimmick, we offer a better life with real results

I do more than expose the lies and dangers that lurk in the latest diet trends.  I offer sound, safe and established steps that you can do to permanently loss weight and live healthier.


So how do we do make good on that big claim. First of all we aren’t going to give you another pill, potion or quick fix. No more fad diets. But we will give you the true solution. HOW?

 We will design a personal program for you but not without a complete analysis. There’s no “one-size fits all” approach. Our assessment evaluates over 29 bodily systems including your emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, nutritional, and stress levels. If you have struggled to lose weight and tried all those other programs we want to find out what you have done and why you’ve not been successful. Armed with the information that gives us a full picture we can then design the program that you will need to finally succeed. We’re committed to helping you finally reach your health and fitness goals.
Again we are not just a place where you come to work out.
We are your personal trainers, your personal coaches, if you choose to work with us it will change your life. 


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