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Personal Trainer Palm Harbor teaches organic eating tips

What is healthy eating? That is what I asked my Palm Harbor personal trainer Eric Mabie.

I soon learned from my Palm Harbor personal trainer, Eric that we did not have the same ideas of what healthy eating was. To me eating healthy meant:

  • avoid deep fried food,
  • don’t eat at fast food restaurants,
  • don’t drink soda,
  • eat fruits and vegetables,
  • eat a lot of chicken and a little red meat,
  • don’t eat a lot of sweets,
  • don’t drink or smoke.

I thought I was doing real well, most of the time. I never really paid attention to ingredients except fat; I didn’t consider preservatives or additives.  I really had no idea about eating organic foods.  To my surprise I was sub-standard when it came to healthy eating.

Personal Trainer Palm Harbor Eric Mabie

Eric Mabie

Since I decided to hire Eric as my personal trainer in Palm Harbor I am learning so much that I never expected. He is teaching me about where and how the food is grown and how that is affecting my body. I’m starting to learn the difference between organic and “natural’ foods, range free poultry/beef, GMO, and gluten free.  He wants me to stop shopping for “fat free’ or “low calorie” and above all else to start focusing on organic.

He has started me on a cleanse to get all of the chemicals out of my body. The goals is to remove toxins so I can process the clean foods and I will feel better. I’ve not done a cleanse before, but he assures me this one is ‘gentle’ and that I won’t have any weird side effects, like being locked in the bathroom all day, lol.

I’m now shopping at the health food grocery store and in the organic section of the regular grocery store.  Organic is not cheap, but from what I’m learning it is well worth it.  So far I’m just getting my fruits and veggies and meats organic.

Since I’ve worked with personal trainers in Palm Harbor and other cities over the years I was not surprised when Eric had me eating 6 meals a day and 64 ounces of water. But what I found to be different with Eric verses the other personal trainers is that he not only has be doing it all but he also has me keeping a  journal. In the journal I keep  track of what I’m eating, when I’m sleeping , and how much water I’ve drank for the day.  Out of all the personal trainers in Palm Harbor that I know, he is not the first to ask me to keep a journal but he is the first to follow up to make sure I do it.  He truly hold me accountable so I will get results. I really appreciate that.  Remembering to journal is really a challenge for me. I just don’t remember until it is time to go for my next session and I have to take my journal with me so Eric can review my progress. I’m getting better at it.

Eating the correct foods is one issue but remembering to eat often (every 3 hours) is another issue.  I get busy and forget until I get really hungry, which generally means that I’ve missed at least one meal, maybe two already.  I know that I have to eat often enough to keep my metabolism burning, but I’ve just never been a big eater.   Eric assures me that as my Palm Harbor personal trainer it is his commitment to support me and keep reminding to eat and to journal.  It feels good to have him on my side.

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4 Reasons You Need Personal Training Palm Harbor

Whether you are looking for rapid weight loss or just a healthier lifestyle, personal training Palm Harbor can get you there.  With certified fitness trainers, nutritional education, and different programs to choose from according to your goals, you are set up for success!

4 Reasons Why Personal Training Is For You

  • Custom Programs.  If your goal is to lose weight, than personal training palm harbor’s accelerated weight loss program is your perfect match.  Not only will it help you with weight and fat loss, it will help you establish a healthy lifestyle for years to come.  Accelerated weight loss not your goal?  Then personal training palm harbor’s lifestyle program is.  It will get you on the right track to a long and healthy life through coaching and accountability.
  • Professional Trainers.  With only the best professional trainers, personal training palm harbor gives you the tools you need to reach your goals.  Forget trying to come up with your fitness programs on your own, the professional trainers will work with you to find the best possible routine for you.  We will coach you through thePersonal Training Palm Harbor entire process, encouraging you to keep pushing, and providing an accountability that will ensure your success.  These professional trainers are there to teach you useful techniques to changing your lifestyle for long-lasting results.
  • Nutritional Education.  No exercise regime is complete without a change in diet and creating a lifestyle change. Our personal trainers and coaches will equip you with what you need to complete your healthy lifestyle with healthy food choices.  The trainers will also give you the tools to making long-lasting health changes and set you up with a lifestyle plan made for you!
  • Personal Fitness.  Unlike regular gyms,  we are focused on results. We want to help you maximize weight loss and keep it off. Instead of going to a gym where you can just fade into the background, our coaches puts you first by giving you one-on-one attention and a program customized just for you.

You can reach all of your fitness and health goals with personal training Palm Harbor.  With all the tools that they offer you can become stronger, healthier, and more educated about your health with any of the programs they offer.  All you need to do is schedule your first consultation to start making your personalized lifestyle plan and you will be on your way to a stronger and healthier you.

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Is It Important To Read Food Labels?

When it comes to weight loss, there are a number of healthy habits a person needs to engage in to be successful.  One habit in particular is extremely beneficial.  People that read food labels have a greater chance of losing weight than their counterparts that don’t know what they’re eating.

The reason behind this statement is simple.  A person that reads a food label knows the calories, fats, carbs and exactly what goes in to your body. That man or woman is aware of how many vitamins and nutrients they are getting from the foods that they are eating.  This allows them to control their intake of fat, carbohydrates, sodium, and sugar.  It also gives them an idea of how long they will need to work out in order to burn off the calories they consumed.

Reading food labels helps keep food allergies at bay.  It gives the consumer more control over his or her diet.  It also allows them to fight chronic disease by selecting foods that are healthier and lower in calories.

Food LabelsHere’s how you can read and understand food labels which will benefit you and your healthy lifestyle:

  • Start out by learning what a serving size consists of.  This will allow you to see exactly how many servings are in one container, tub or box of food.  People are often misinformed in this area and have a tendency to consume a larger serving than is intended for one person.

  • Note how many calories are found in each serving.  You’ll also learn how many of the calories consumed consist of fat.  This will allow you to make wiser choices where no fat and low fat foods are concerned.

  • Read the ingredients.  When looking at labels, you can see all the fats, sodium, cholesterol, etc in the foods but when you look at the ingredients that can really give you an idea of what is really “in” the food you are eating.  If it is a lot of words that you can’t pronounce, a good thing to do is google those words, see what they are and educate yourself so you know what you’re putting in to your body.

  • Turn to foods that are high in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, and Iron.  This important information is included at the bottom of a food label.  It gives you an idea of the percentage of daily values you receive by consuming particular foods.

  • Foot notes give you guidelines where percentage of daily values is concerned.  Based on a certain amount of calories per diet, you see how much of certain vitamin and nutrients you need to be healthy.  You’ll learn about Total Fat, Saturated Fat, Cholesterol, Sodium, Total Carbohydrate, and Dietary Fiber.

Knowing how to read food labels properly gives you the tools that you need to eat healthy.  With diet and exercise you can shed unwanted pounds, maintain your ideal weight, and combat disease like Hypertension and Diabetes.  Take a few minutes to get acquainted with labels on the foods you purchase for your household.  Knowledge is power and by working with every resource you have available to you, you add to your overall health and success while living a life of physical and mental wellness.

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