Eric Mabie Palm Harbor Personal Trainer Shares Lunge Technic

Eric Mabie Palm Harbor Personal Trainer Shares Lunge Technic

If you have ever worked out in a gym I’m sure you have done lunges.  When I was  in fairly good condition I could do a 25-30 of these.  You can image my surprise when my Palm Harbor personal trainer Eric, held a pole behind me and said, “ok, do the the lunge, but keep your head, mid back and butt in constant contact with the pole, pull in your abs, and tilt your pelvic under. “

Palm Harbor Personal Trainer Lunge Technic

The purpose of the pole is to keep you from leaning forward, to keep your movement to be up and down without a forward movement.  This makes the lunge way harder because we naturally lean forward. Try it at home with a broom, you’ll see what I mean.

Palm Harbor Personal Trainer LungesSee how straight up and down the model in the picture is. If you add a pole to her back you will see that she is still not 100% upright. She needs to tip her pelvis under. Then everything is in alignment. This will protect your spine and work the correct muscles.

Doing it this new correct way was so much harder, and I could only do about 3 or 4 lunges before my legs turned to rubber.  I was shocked!

I have worked with personal trainers in Palm Harbor and other cities, this was the first time I had seen this Technic.

So why does it matter?  Well as you can guess, it is more beneficial to do 5 correctly than it is to do 10 incorrect. I can attest to the fact that correct is more beneficial.  I’m now up to 10 on each leg and my legs feel like I’ve done way more than 10.  In addition to the benefits of my legs I’m building core strength when I do it correctly, so I get two benefits in one exercise.

I did this leg work out two days ago and today I am stills sore. It works!!

I consider Eric to be the premier Palm Harbor personal trainer, in fact in my opinion he is the premier personal trainer out of all personal trainers that I’ve ever worked with.  Eric is a C.H.E.K. practitioner, which is one of the highest levels of certification that a personal trainer can have.  In addition, Eric is a trainer to many of his fellow personal trainers.



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